Friday, September 18, 2009

After washing in the machine, the fabric frayed considerably, which I quite liked. My children liked it too. But Phil was a bit concerned....

I trimmed the loose threads, so it looks a little less out of control; a little neater.

Here it is, before and after.

I would appreciate any feedback


  1. Hello Julie, Well done! You will be quilting before you know it!!! And with your artistic ability????? I really like the before cushion rather than the after wash one. I really like the first cushion on your blog....very nice. Aunty Daph. xx

  2. Definitions of scarlet on the Web:

    •a variable color that is vivid red but sometimes with an orange tinge (?!NO?!); ...resembling the color of blood or cherries or tomatoes or rubies

    •Scarlet a type of fine and expensive woollen cloth common in Medieval England.

    •Scarlet a metalcore band from Richmond, Virginia currently on hiatus.

    ALL definitions... (well mostly) quite apt ;)

    ps me also thinks "grunge" cushions win over kempt & "cosy" cosies over roomier...

    !WELL DONE! X melbRnE julz X

  3. I love loose threads! On a number of my embroidered works I've left the threads loose and I have had one woman insist I leave the threads loose on the embroidered part of her skirt, which was brilliant!! I really enjoy that you can see the process and the fragility. There's no pretence...This is what it was, where it began, what it is and who knows what it might become?