Monday, October 26, 2009

you never know what you've got around you until you look

A couple of days ago, I had just finished my new spiral cushion, and wanted to show it off. I had recently got a few comments about my etsy photos being too dark (I quite like it that way, it feels rich and cosy) but the palette is obviously not to everyone's taste. Having limited time, space, and funds, and not being a photographer at all, I did a quick reconnaissance of the things around me. Of course! my little old weatherboard house has white interior board walls. And what's that I'm sitting on? My great-aunt's chair. I put the chair in the hallway where there was some gentle reflected light and bingo! Then my son Tom's Raa decided to get in on the act too. I'm still no photographer, but I think it turned out rather well. So the moral of the story is, take a fresh look around you, you might just find something.

(Oh, and if you want to see the finished spiral cushion, click on the etsy link on the right.)


  1. the white weather boards make a great backdrop! your cushions are lovely. thanks for your comment on my blog :)

  2. Hi tractorgirl! I know you! You know me! And look at us both with blogs! I like scarlets writings, it's lovely. The chair and weatherboard look beautiful, a mix of australiana with antiquey yummyness.
    Love to you and the munchkins!

  3. Like your style tractor girl...I like the interest the composition and depth of field bring...and I like the tactile feel the chair and raa bring...little toy on a big chair, thought provoking - am I reading to much into it he he he. Great to have you visit my blog too!