Wednesday, September 8, 2010

to market to market to buy a fat pig...

I am very nervous and excited to be in the midst of organising my very first handmade market! At the Wagga Beach (yes, Wagga DOES have a beach ~ on the river, of course ;P). Besides being my first market, it's also the first boutique Handmade market for Wagga - I am sssooooo curious to see how it goes. I grew up here; it is pretty conservative, in the middle of a large sheep/wheat farming region (hang on, I'm a wheat/sheep farmer too? well, MOSTLY conservative).

So far -
* Trying to make oodles of stuff, 'cos I just KNOW it'll be a sell-out! (well, one can dream :D)
* Got my biz cards organised
* Packaging - thinking about some nice paper carry bags with 'tractorgirl' rubber stamped on them, but because they have to be a bit larger to fit cushions and the like, these might prove to be a bit too expensive (would love some other suggestions!)
* Display? Some ideas, but really, no idea yet. Gotta get seriously working on this one. Cushions, little bags, teacosies, fabric brooches, perhaps even some big bags using reverse applique designs like those on my cushions.

Here's some of the little reversible bags I've been working on -

(and they're also available in my shop)

I've got until 9th October......

And the pig? Well, it's tenuous, but 'pig' kinda fits with 'muddi'... you can learn more about the market here -

I'll keep you posted as things progress!


  1. All the best with your market Julie! Have a look on Ebay, you may be able to find some cheap kraft paper bags with handles for your cushions. My suggestions for your display are to do a practice set up at home (and take a pic so you remember how to do it on the day), display things at different heights/levels and try not to overcrowd (something I struggle with, LOL).

  2. I love that green fabric with the roses, is it vintage or new?!
    Good luck with your first market :-)

  3. Ohhh m,aybe try straw as part of the dispay, and old farm bits... a tractor seat perhaps? a hat stand...
    Best of luck!

  4. the green fabric was upcycled from a shirt, my guess it was not that old (I love it too!), perhaps less than ten.

    haha Soph! tres obvious, but hey, it might work ;)

  5. Good luck with your market, not too far away now! I love the ideas for your set up, also you could lean towards a cute vintage/country theme with mirrors and faded floral tablecloths etc... to create a bit of a mood! How exciting for you.

  6. Soooo exciting! It WILL be a sell-out!!!

    Your work is gorgeous! It's always been one of my favorites on Etsy!!!


  7. Good luck with the market! I have yet to try a market myself, it's almost always booked out and the weather in melbourne is not particularly pleasant in mid summer :(

    have a good weekend!