Saturday, September 26, 2009

Scarlet began to remember. She went to the kitchen and got the cereal out of the cupboard. She put out the placemats, the bowls and the spoons, and got the milk out of the refrigerator. She sat down with the children at the table, and inspected them. The oldest was a girl, with light brown hair and eyes the colour of the sea. She was wearing turquoise pyjamas with cows on them, and clutched a small toy rabbit in her hand. 

'Poppy', she said. 'Where's your father?' The girl looked at her blankly, then shook her head. The boy who smelt of oranges grinned. "He's down the shed, fixing the motorbike", he volunteered. Scarlet turned her attention to him. His striped pyjamas were slightly grubby around the cuffs. His grin was cheeky. 'Hmmm, I must do some washing today', she mused to herself.

Scarlet turned her head and stared out the window at the brightening sky.   

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