Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Working on two new cushions. The first is finished, olive green satiny richness from old curtains that I bought eons ago at a small theatre's closing down sale. It was harboured in my fabric stash for years, because I always knew I'd do something with it. I've still got quite a bit of fabric left....I might do another something or two with it soon. Again I thought I'd share the before and after washing machine shots...not a dramatic difference, but it did fluff the frayed edges a little more, and added a lovely subtle scrunch to the surface.

The second cushion is still a work in progress. I was thinking about imposing some kind of floral rounded-ness onto the rigid check of these two fabrics, which work well together. They are a cotton/polyester/nylon mix, with gold nylon in the warp providing a bit of shimmer where it catches the light.

I drew a few tendrils onto paper, then stitched through the paper and the two layers of fabric, following the lines of my drawing. Then I cut around the outside of my stitching, leaving about a 6mm margin. The paper was removed by wetting it so it was weak and easy to tear (it still took a bit of work). I will post another pic when it's finished.

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  1. Lovely green and gold cushion :) Two of my favourite colours.