Saturday, December 5, 2009

my first giveaway!

I was so pleased to find a few days ago that I had fifty followers on my blog, I thought I had better celebrate by having a giveaway! I have been thinking about what to make for some time, as I wanted to add some smaller items to my shop. So, here goes the experimenting with a new idea...I trained as a jeweller and silversmith, but I'm currently working in textiles....perhaps the answer was obvious.
Anyway, here's the result! Little fabric brooches.


Everyone who leaves me a comment here on my blog will go in the running to receive one of these very fresh pieces. You just need to suggest a new adventure for Scarlet {read back thru the blog for her previous moments...}. All the names will go into a cyber-hat and the lucky winner will be drawn by random number generator, on Tuesday, 15th December.

Thanks a heap for your support!


  1. Your fabric brooches are very unique and creative. I am more of a reader than writer. Give a good story anyday. I love the Scarlet adventures through out your blog. Good luck on sales and on your giveway!! Congrats on your following!!

  2. Your brooches are beautiful...
    ah I think there is a bit of tractor girl in all of us! adventuresfor scarlet?!
    what about 'scarlet goes into town'.
    'scarletcooks dinner for 10 unexpected dinner guests that her husband invited from work at the last minute. He knows her supreme organisational capabilites and just expects her to cope'.

  3. WooHoo...50 followers, congratulations! I love the brooches and hope they do well for you! Let's hear what happens when Scarlett decorates the Christmas tree or tries baking cookies!

  4. congratulations! i think Scarlett's new adventure should surely be on Xmas eve waiting for santa - is there a mouse in the house?

  5. Congrats on 50 followers! I just read all of your scarlett adventures and they were all so much fun. How about scarlett throws a New Years bash next? I am following you!

  6. beautiful work julie. your colour and form and texture is spot on as usual. i'm impressed to see a thoughtful use for all the scraps! i too am finding myself more and more atuned to the 'use it, don't abuse it' way of making at the moment.

    as for scarlett, i think she can take it easy on herself and have a bit of fun, or pop her feet up for a bit!!

  7. love your brooches! wow! the color, and the texture are really lovely.

    i'd like to see scarlett get a surprise package in the mail (some gorgeous bath stuff) and have a long, long, relaxing bath - just for her.

    jen dot s dot chandler at gmail dot com

  8. Love the fabric brooches!
    I think Scarlett should put up the christmas decorations :0

  9. who doesnt love a giveaway - im having one over at my blog too!

  10. Oooo nice work, count me in!

    Congrats on 50 followers.

  11. I think her next adventure should be Christmas based, maybe making a roast for lunch.

  12. Great idea! It makes blogging alot more interesting! I'd like to do the same thing but I'm some way off =). An adventure for Scarlett hmmm? what about 'A bee fell from her hair'...just kidding, it happened to me today and I had a little freak out...I have a very nasty reaction to bee sting.

  13. Hi tractorgirl
    Thanks for getting in touch! Congrats on your 50 followers!
    Cute little brooches, would be a lovely addition to my wardrobe ;)

    I think Scarlet should show the children what she has left out for Father Christmas' visit on Christmas Eve. A carrot (for the reindeer), a tot of whisky, a few peanuts and nibbles to help Father Christmas on his way.

    Or perhaps a mince pie-making session with the kids.

    Or even an adventure with a Beautiful Stranger! Doesn't have to be of the male variety but something unexpected and arresting... oops that's too many, hope I didn't cheat!

  14. Beautiful and unique pieces! Lovely. They would make fantastic stocking stuffers. I love your blog header. I grew up in the rural area of MN. Following you now!

  15. Hello there,

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. I think the new fabric brooches complement very well with the rest of your crochet collection. I especially love the red lace crochet earrings =)

  16. The fabric brooches are fantastic! I think your next item should be something with yarn...I LOVE yarn. It is one of my passions...along with painting, jewelry, paper crafts, pottery, cooking, baking...etc etc. I think it goes with the Fine Arts territory.

    Here is my blog:

  17. I came across your blog this morning before I was called into school. I thought about your brooches and blog all day.
    Scarlet should go on an adventure to.. well I asked the kids today where they would like to go on an adventure - back in time to explore dinosaurs, a tea party with the mad hatter and alice - there were so many ideas.

  18. hi tractorgirl!

    Lovely lovely brooches! May be Scarlet will have an adventure where she discovers a rainbow in the middle of winter?

    And yes, the other foot is pretty jealous of the one that's got a sock! And cold too! lol


  19. Fabric brooches seem to be "in" this year! Thank you for posting about you blog in my giveaway thread… much appreciated!

  20. hi
    love the fabric brooches!
    scarlet should really start a tractor restoration project - my boys could offer lots of help along the way!!
    gill x

  21. hi - long-time listener/first-time caller.. oh wait, that's for entering radio contests LOL

    *where to start with the future life & times of dear ol scarlet... how 'bout she vears her tractor alittle south of her paddock & heads down to the big smoke for a big ol' adventure (unbeknown to scarlet, kids are in tow as stowaways - wait, do tractors HAVE boots to hide in? LOL)

    congrat's congrat's congrat's xxoo

  22. These are so lovely! I'm on my way to check out your shop :)

  23. Random Number Generator has chosen no.6 - c_haynes

    I'll be contacting you shortly!!!!congrats

    and thank so much to ALL who participated!

  24. wow your brooches are super cute! i like your style :)