Friday, February 12, 2010

Love and figs

We are so lucky to have access to a fig tree laden with fruit.
This was one of the figs I opened last night -  a fig heart. Sweet, huh?
Fig and ginger jam, caramelised figs, and our very favourite
figs poached in syrup with vanilla and cointreau.
Happy valentine's day x


  1. You are lucky indeed to have a fig tree.
    I paid proper money for figs yesterday which i put on top of my sweet potato and haloumi salad.

  2. the fig is such a sexy fruit, i think. anyway, we love to pick figs, slice them in half, top with a small piece of strong cheese, like brie, melt in oven for a few, then spread on grainy crackers....heavenly.

    enjoy your weekend my friend!


  3. Oh darlin, a fig tree! at your place! oh I'm sooo jealous!

  4. I love mum has a tree, but she lives so far away!

  5. So happy to find you. I live on a farm in CT.

  6. I love the reds and red-violets. The fig color is mesmerizing to me!

  7. Yum!!! Your new stuff on etsy is beauti-licious! Look at you with all your followers! Awesome TG. *s*

  8. Fabulous shot! We have this huge fig tree in our back yard, and the thing is... I can never tell when they're ripe.